Monday, September 8, 2008

Wish Rachel your best

Wish Rachel all the luck in the world on her big night by leaving a comment on this post.

Break a leg Rachel, there's a lot of people rootin' for you.


Icarus said...

break many legs, Rach.

I'm sure you'll kick ass and I'm so excited I'm playing hooky from work to watch you debut (I'm a data manager for the Obama campaign so my co-workers are more jealous than angry that I'm skipping work to watch you.)

I'm sure you're gonna rock this like a fiend.
Kick some ass.

-have a rockin' day

Ms. New Yorker said...

I just saw your show! At first, I wondered if I could take another hour of new discoveries on Palin and McCain--yikes. But I thought the "Talk Me Down" segment was perfectly timed. I needed to be talked down too after hearing the discoveries on Palin, and having it sink in that maybe just maybe she could be our new VP. You are simply the best, Rachel, and I love that you're a new voice on MSNBC this year.