Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nothing like having the support of the MSNBC marketing department two days before your big night (or lack thereof)

So as the Viva Rachel Maddow staff was preparing the for the big night, we thought we'd zip over to MSNBC and snag the new show logo so we could put up an ad link on Viva Rachel Maddow and help the cause. Well, much to our surprise, as of today, there's still no presence for The Rachel Maddow Show anywhere on MSNBC. A couple of press releases and collateral mentions here and there, but otherwise, nada.

Now, we're sure there's nothing but chaos this weekend at MSNBC as preparations are being made, but c'mon - This is Rachel Maddow we're talking about here; someone with an online fanbase probably hovering around 95% and ready to do the viral marketing heavy lifting. Plus adding insult to brand injury: there's a nice little picture strip in the upper right-hand corner of the MSNBC page with David Gregory, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Joe Scarborough. All fine gentlemen with their own shows, just like a certain young woman come Monday who'll be kicking ass and taking names. Let's get her picture up there!


Icarus said...

as of 7:07AM EST still no sign of Rach on the MSNBC website.

The fans are ready to pounce and far outnumber the opposing dolts who would try to flame TRMS.

I officially love everyone at VRM and VCT!!

You guys rock.

Anonymous said...

Although there is no link on the MSNBC site yet, typing into your address bar will bring you to the show's site--not that the page is too exciting yet, with just a small listing of videos with her and the show's ad thus far.

(Just like, which is just a collection of videos at this point)