Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dr. Maddow's MIXOLOGY:
The Perfect with a lemon twist

As all you Maddites prepare for the big night, we thought it only appropriate that we furnish you with an official libation to accompany your viewing pleasure of The Rachel Maddow Show. Allow us to present the very drink that Rachel and Susan enjoy at home:

The Perfect with a lemon twist

1.5oz sweet vermouth
1.5oz dry vermouth
lemon twist

over ice in a rocks glass

Also, we felt that a drinking game for the premiere episode of The Rachel Maddow Show was in order. Since we have no idea of the format or guest list, we're going to punt and go with every time Rachel is on the screen, raise your glass and cheer at the top of your lungs. Every time you get a glimpse of that damned sexy beauty mark on her neck, sip your libation of choice (preferably The Perfect). If she should happen to mention Viva Rachel Maddow, down a double shot of hard liquor, kiss the TV and run through your neighborhood naked, because that's sure as hell what we're going to do.


Icarus said...

best drinking game EVAR!

stephanie said...

vermouth, huh?

i dunno why i had her pegged as a vodka woman. oh well, vermouth it is! WOOOOOOO!!!1 XD