Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nice Job on Countdown Shuster

Hats off to you on filling in for Uncle Keith. There's something about this guy we like.


Elaine said...

VERY tough job to sub on Countdown on any night(s). Rachel was great, but she did not have to do the Saville Row thing. David gets an A+ on attire and an A on being himself without ever attempting to throw papers and giving the camera the Olberman Eye. No complaints from this Countdown Fan.

Anna Banana said...

I'm sorry but I can't get beyond David's voice. We turned it off about 5 minutes into the show. I can't watch it. It hurts my ears. I did crack up at the pinstripe suit though. Kudos, David!

I think my problem with him doing the show is that you have to have someone who's an obvious lefty behind the desk in order for it to work. And despite what Joe thinks, I see David as too reporter-ish and neutral. He doesn't really come across as someone who can effectively deliver the lines because I don't see him that way. How can you say on Morning Joe you're an Independent and then sub for Countdown? It's just not working for me.

For some reason though I have no problem for him subbing on Hardball. I actually prefer him on Hardball over Matthews or Barnicle.