Monday, September 8, 2008


Tonight's post is a two-fer. In our first poll we ask what you thought of this new show, it's format and overall representation of the Maddow brand. Take note of the "other" option; the gray box below that option is for you to write in exactly what you thought.


Kacky said...

Ok, maybe her show started a little slow but we love her none the less. My only question...why didn't they use the logo from this site instead of that hideous rotating blue and red number? Really. For such an amazing star, couldn't they have done better? Viva Rachel Maddow!

Icarus said...

indeed. i felt like there were a lot of things that were lacking and hadn't been fully developed yet.
Rachel is AWESOME and has the potential to turn this show into a smash hit but i kind of felt like not everybody working on the show was with her all the way. that greatly annoyed me.

i hope she gets all the support she needs and then some.

Anna Banana said...

I loved Rachel for a while now and I thought last night was a good start. I mean, it's tough to start a running segment on your first night. I remember watching Stephen Colbert on his first night and now THAT was rough! Within weeks though he found his voice and I'm sure that Rachel will, too.

I did like the fact she touched upon things that the mainstream hadn't, but I hope she talks more about the war and other things that aren't getting covered that really should. That's one of the reasons I love Rachel. I loved though how her humor shined through. The set is a little funky for me, but I'm sure it will grow on me.

Anonymous said...

I too feel a rage when I see the rotating red, white and blue logo. I didn't like the fact that large segments were a continuation of Uncle Keithie's show. I hope they don't use her as a way to keep Keith's rant's running for another hour.

I did however enjoy the show, and even my wife, who wouldn't know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat liked it. Good job RAchel.