Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rachel's ascension continues

Any Maddites catch the latest promo for the Friday Presidential Debates?

It's sort of the first public face on the whole brouhaha of Uncles Matthews and Olbermann getting kicked to the curb and David Gregory getting the reins. In the midst of this commercial, a funny thing was noticed. Halfway through the promo, there was the lousiest Photoshop job of all the MSNBC boys (Scarborough, Olbermann, Gregory and Matthews) and Rachel. The announcer said the night would be hosted by Gregory, but on this slate of all the boys, a certain young lady stood out from the pack - Our Rachel. Even though David Gregory was the official anchor for the upcoming night, there stood Rachel in front and perspectively bigger than Gregory in the center. In fact, Gregory looked a tad weasely in comparison with the other gentlemen who were ham-handedly cut and pasted into the montage.

She is the nicest and smartest juggernaut they will ever know - get out of her way boys.


Jen said...

As we say in World of Warcraft, Rachel Maddow FTW.

Anonymous said...

I'm in WoW and I have no idea what you said. Mainly because I don't talk to people.

Is it just me or does Unlce Keith look like he was photoshopped in as an afterthought? He looks kinda creepy.

Icarus said...



rachel is rockin' it!