Friday, October 31, 2008

Mr. Softee: The Official Frozen Confection of Viva Rachel Maddow

Okay, forget the fact that Rachel had a bit of fun pointing out that a Mr. Softee truck was parked within the secured press zone of Senator Barack Obama's Florida ballpark rally yesterday, but just bathe in the brilliant innuendo one could have saying that the truck was at the wrong candidate's rally. I think an opportunity swollen with comedy, met a flacid end. Or I could just be a sixth-grader.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Uncle Pat" Buchanan jumps the racial shark

On a special Sunday edition of Hardball with Chris Matthews, Pat Buchanan crossed the line in commenting on General Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama.

Rachel's "fake Uncle Pat" took his patented vitriol to a new level and gave voice to the repulsive and anachronistic position that Powell's support comes from the fact that they're both black. Buchanan all but dismissed Powell's sophisticated intellectual/nuanced sociopolitical presentation and clumsily assumed that skin color alone was influencing the most respected statesman of our time in backing Obama.

Joan Walsh of said it best, "Oh Pat, I'm so sorry you went there." Her pained reaction was reinforced by Chris Matthew's embarrassed stoicism as if a beloved relative had just made a drunken ass of themselves at a family dinner.

We Maddites look forward to Rachel taking her "Uncle Pat" to task for this one.

Rachel Maddow Neck Porn

In some depraved recess of the Maddite mind, there's an unnatural affection for that alluring beauty mark on Rachel's neck. It taunts us and haunts us because we can never get close to it.

Well, Friday night's show was a godsend in the respect that somebody behind the camera was drunk off their ass and gave us the best view of Rachel's tracheal erogenous zone that we Maddites could ever freakin' hope for. Behold, a blatant visual thrusting that brings us that much closer to Maddow ecstasy than we have ever been before.


The L Magazine interview

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're not even going to bother with a poll -
but we've got new presidential debate e-cards!

Oh, those wacky kids over at Cerebral Itch threw together some more e-cards based on the more memorable lines of tonight's debate. Enjoy (they're free).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Okay, so who won the 2nd Presidential Debate?

For the sheer academic exercise, we're putting up this poll; despite knowing how most of you are going to vote on this one. Oh, with that said, those kids over at Cerebral Itch created a brand new e-card in honor of tonight's shining moment - check it out

Sunday, October 5, 2008

SNL Mentions the Viva Chuck Todd/Viva Rachel Maddow V.P. Debate Drinking Game,...we think

Watch this clip and you tell us whether or not Tina Fey and the SNL writers sent a little Gladys Wood third-grade shout out to the Viva Rachel Maddow family. We like to think so; then again, we like to think a lot of things.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

So Maddites? Who won?

The results are in and apparently the highly astute Maddite saw through the cheerleader razzle-dazzle of Governor Palin and gave the night to Senator Biden.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE Drinking Game brought to you by Viva Chuck Todd and Viva Rachel Maddow

You know John McCain is going to be tipping back more than a few tomorrow night, so why not join him in spirit while enjoying the most-watched Vice Presidential Debate in history. As only the
Viva Chuck Todd and Viva Rachel Maddow people could do, we've put together a drinking game complete with recipes of the official drinks for each of the candidates plus the official Rachel Maddow libation and the much-anticipated, Chuck Todd-y - the official drink of Viva Chuck Todd.

Prior to beginning the game, the group must pick an official arbiter who will make all official decisions. Their word is law.

Sarah Palin

Anytime Governor Palin says:
  • "Gosh"
  • "9-11"
  • "Y'know"
  • "Well Gwen"
  • "Islamic Fundamentalists"
  • "Russia" and/or "Pootin"
  • "Maverick"
  • "hockey mom"
  • "Joe six-pack"
everyone drinks.

If Trig is being hoisted around in the audience, take a drink.

If Trig get's a another spit-makeover by his sister or father, take 2 drinks and do the same thing to yourself.

Every time you see the "First Dude", take a drink and do a jumping chest bump with someone.

Anytime the television audience nervously giggles at a Governor Pal
in non-sequitur, everyone yells "Katie, I'd like to use my lifeline!" and drinks. Arbiter will have final say as to what qualifies, though not a hard call to make.

If Governor Palin should break down in tears and leave the stage prematurely - chug every last drop of booze in the room, doff your clothing and run naked through the neighborhood hooting in a schadenfreude-induced celebration.

Joe Biden

Anytime Senator Biden says:
  • "Aw c'mon"
  • "Malarkey"
  • "Scranton"
  • "Well Gwen"
  • "The policies of George Bush"
  • "Dick Cheney"
  • “John's a friend of mine” or a variation thereof
  • "Joe six-pack"
everyone drinks.

Anytime Senator Biden looks up to the rafters, audibly sighs OR raises his voice beyond an appropriate level out of sheer exasperation, everyo
ne drinks. Arbiter will have final say as to what qualifies, though not a hard call to make.

Anytime Senator Biden makes an inappropriate reference to Governor Palin's gender, everyone drinks. Arbiter will have final say as to what qualifies, though not a hard call to make because you probably will hear Biden's handlers slapping their foreheads and blurting "D'oh!".

Anytime Senato
r Biden makes the sign of the cross and asks for God to grant him patience, everyone drink from their partner's drink as if being given communion.

When Senator Biden looks at Governor Palin and says "Get the hell off this stage, you're an insult to the process!" or any variation thereof - chug every last drop of booze in the room, doff your clothing and run naked through the neighborhood just for the hell of it.

The Chilla from Wasilla - The official drink for Governor Palin

Scale ingredients to servings - Serve in a Mason Jar

3 oz amaretto almond liqueur
1 pint beer (preferably Midnight Sun Kodiak Brown)
2 oz Coca-Cola®

Pour the amaretto into the jar over crushed ice. Follow it up by pouring a chilled beer (Alaskan if possible). Then top it off with the Coke.

The Moji-Joe - The official drink for Senator Biden

1 1/2oz. Light Rum
1 oz. Lime Juice
1/2 Cup Delaware Punch or Hawaiian Punch
3-4 Mint leaves Club Soda

Combine lime juice, mint and punch in a Collins or highball glass.
Stir gently to bruise the mint.
Fill glass 3/4 with ice.
Add the rum.
Top with soda. Stir well.

The Perfect with a lemon twist - The official Viva Rachel Maddow drink

1.5oz sweet vermouth
1.5oz dry vermouth
lemon twist
over ice in a rocks glass

Watch Rachel personally whip this juicy bit of heaven up by clicking here

This drink is smooth and easy, as smooth and easy as “the Chuck” himself. Nothing harsh, or cloying or bitter. Just cool, baby. Smooth and cool, just like “the Chuck.”


Fill glass with ice and add

1 oz Malibu Rum
1 oz Parrot Bay Rum
½ oz Grenadine or Crème de Almond
Top off glass with equal parts orange juice and pineapple juice.
Shake and pour into glass.

This drink was designed by Patrick - Official Viva Chuck Todd Mixologist,
who can be found in the summer months manning the spirits
at the
Dragonfly Deck Bar in Kill Devil Hills, NC


Some Rachel-lovin' hilarity from the cats over at the lol-word