Sunday, October 5, 2008

SNL Mentions the Viva Chuck Todd/Viva Rachel Maddow V.P. Debate Drinking Game,...we think

Watch this clip and you tell us whether or not Tina Fey and the SNL writers sent a little Gladys Wood third-grade shout out to the Viva Rachel Maddow family. We like to think so; then again, we like to think a lot of things.


CyndiMo said...

We need a new drinking game for tomorrow night! The subjects are changing fast :o)

madmaxi said...

LOL, Just reading thru your blog.. I've been a Maddow fan since the founding days of AAR. I saw the SNK show skit and the first thing I thought was "hey! They do the drinking game also!" So yes, IMNSHO it is a blatant reference to the game! I have to admit tho, I missed the revised rules for the following debates. Hopefully that was a blip due the new TV machine show and juggling the radio show.

LOL, of course now we have to wait for the next election to have new drinking game rules...hmmm, wonder what they will be for the State of the Union address next year???