Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well, according to Politico.com and The Huffington Post, David Gregory is getting the MTP gig.

I'll leave the comments to all of you.


StacyD said...

Rachel would be perfect, but we can't spread our girl too thin. Unfortunately, she and Gregory are both in their 30's, so she can't out wait him per se.

lefty said...

it makes me sad that she didn't get such an amazing gig but I'm happy she's allowed to stay true to her progressive roots by continuing with her MSNBC show.

Gregory was a stupid idea though. It should have gone to Brian Williams or Andrea Mitchell or the Todd himself.

basically it needed to go to Tim Russert but he was unfortunately unavailable.

stephanie said...

glad to see i'm not the only one with a permanent scowl at this news. david gregory? seriously??

so does this mean they're scrapping the fail boat that is "1600 pennsylvania avenue"? could they maybe give someone else a show during that time slot? could you imagine weekday evenings with 4 hours of relatively delicious awesome, if they were to sandwich in matthews and olbermann with the sweet white bread that is rachel's show at 9 and what could be Chuck's show at 6...?

oh well...one more hour i won't be spending in front of the telly, so maybe they're doing me a favor...

Jennifer said...

Blech. Seriously. He is a charisma vacuum. And his MSNBC show is very dull. I hate to say it, but I've always liked Bob Schieffer and regretted that his show was on at the same time as MTP...I guess we'll be watching Face the Nation now.