Monday, July 6, 2009

Vaya Con Dios Viva Rachel Maddow

Well Kids, it's been a hoot.

From the day we first heard her on AirAmerica to the day she interviewed the President; Ms. Rachel Maddow's ascension within the political pop-culture firmament has certainly been worth the price of admission.

With that said...we're done.

Our parent company, Cerebral Itch has reorganized their creative resources leaving little time to do this site up right. But, there are other sites out there that do an outstanding job at keeping tabs on our favorite Rhodes Scholar/mixologist. And we'll name them: The Queen of them all, and the witty upstart Fuck Yeah Rachel Maddow. Please give your attention and affection to these sites. They're run by fantastic souls who want nothing more than to bring you the best news on one of the coolest/smartest people on-air.

As for us, the site will stay live and the e-cards will be available ad infinitum. We may even add to the e-cards. If we do, we hope the sites mentioned above will let you know.

But for us, we'll never forget the day she hugged us, nor all the other reasons we created this site. Ms. Maddow, if you're reading this: It has been a pleasure having you be both our muse and warrior.